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Archive for June, 2017


Understanding Equine Infectious Anemia and How it Affects Your Horse

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Veterinary clinical diagnostics

Equine infectious anemia (EIA) is a common disease that affects horses and other Equidae population. It is a virus infection that may be transmitted by blood-feeding insects between horses in the same area. EIA can manifest itself as an acute, subacute, or chronic infection and although blood is the primary channel for infection, other body fluids can also infectious. A horse infected with EIA may exhibit symptoms such as anemia, leukopenia, fever, fatigue, sweating, decreased appetite among others. However, since EIA is difficult to ascertain, the symptoms may vary from horse to horse.

The equine infectious anemia virus antibody test is used to diagnose the presence of RNA virus in a horse. Occasionally, this virus can be a major cause of morbidity and fatality. A horse found to have thi


How Can Antlers for Dogs Improve Their Dental Health?

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Organic dog treat

Dogs are considered the best friends of humankind. Loyal, adorable, reliable, and loads of fun, it is hard not to fall in love with canines. And for those who are lucky enough to have a dog in their home, they will likely be the first to tell you that those furry little companions are most definitely considered to be members of the family. While so many people dream of getting the perfect puppy in the window, there are numerous people who do not fully understand all of the responsibility that goes into caring for a dog.

From making sure that they are properly fed and that they have enough exercise, to getting them to the veterinarian’s office for checkups and necessary shots, having a dog can be a lot of work. Of course, all of that work is definitely worth it, but it is helpful to learn as much as


Ensure Your Pets Are Heartworm-Free with Regular Veterinary Visits

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Contract manufacturing

There are an estimated 70 to 80 million dogs and 74 to 96 million cats living in households throughout the United States. Americans love their pets, and most pet owners consider their dogs and cats to be part of the family. In fact, a PetFinder.com poll showed that 63% of dog owners and 58% of cat owners even give gifts to their pets at Christmas. Chances are that they give them gifts and otherwise celebrate them on birthdays as well.

Unfortunately, many puppies and older dogs can become infected with heartworms. It is estimated that this occurs with at least 1 million dogs every year. Cats can also become infected with heartworms.

Once a dog becomes infected, they may have 30 or more worms in their heart and lungs. Cats, however, may have 6 or less. In some cases, they may only have