The Right Dog Park Equipment is Important for Canine Health

The right dog park equipment can make a huge difference in how enjoyable the play experience is for your best friend. It is important to look for a location that has a wide variety of activities and plenty of space for dogs to regroup if they feel overwhelmed by the other animals in the area. […]

One Million Dogs Receive Heartworm Every Year How To Keep Your Puppy Healthy

Your pet is part of your family. Just like any family member, you become worried when they show signs of illness. When it comes to taking care of your cat, dog or horse, seeking out the aid of veterinary diagnostics companies is a necessary part of the process. Even though the Internet can provide us […]

Understanding What a Clinical Diagnostics Laboratory Does

Veterinarians can often work very closely with a clinical diagnostics laboratory in order to provide the most accurate information to pet owners, trainers, farmers, or others who work closely with animals and are concerned about their well-being. For example, if a horse has an equine infectious anemia virus or cows have dropped dead suddenly or […]