Keep Your Pets Happy And Healthy Every Month With Preventative Care

Equine infectious anemia virus

Do you own a cat or a dog? Maybe you grew up with both cats and dogs, and now you are looking forward to the day that you can get your first pet on your own. Either way, pets are an important part of many families in the United States. From picking out your first pet, to caring for your first pet, to making sure your pet is happy and healthy, the process is a journey. There are plenty of learning lessons along the way, but there are some things you should do from the start to make sure you do not jeopardize your pet?s health under your care. You need to make sure your pet?s vaccinations are up-to-date at all times, your pet is eating healthy and receives preventative care to stay ahead of any clinical diagnostics laboratory tests that could be necessary.

Whether or not you have ever dealt with a sick or unhealthy pet, it is important to stay prepared and become knowledgeable about how to prevent sickness and how to treat it in your pets. Keep reading to learn all about caring for your pet before and after it possibly gets sick.

In the United States, many people owns pets from cats, to dogs, to even horses. Pets are a big part of our society. In fact, around 774-96 million people in the United States own cats, while around 70-80 million people own dogs. In addition to that, there are around 2 million individuals in the United States who even own horses. Pets are such valued parts of our homes that we often include them in our life events and celebrations. We take time to celebrate their birthdays, and we include our pets in our traditions and holidays like Christmas. We go so far as to give them presents. 58 percent of people get gifts for their cats, and around 63 percent of dog owners get gifts for their dogs, according to

Unfortunately, there are a multitude of illnesses and diseases that can take over our pets if we are not careful. Before you know it, your pet could require clinical diagnostics laboratory tests to find out what is wrong with it. Cats and dogs can come down with a variety of things.

One of the surest ways to fight off any diseases or illnesses is through preventative care, and testing your cat or dog to see if they have anything. From using a heartworm antigen test kit to a parvo test kit, there is plenty you can do to quickly find out if your pet is sick.

Heartworms are one of the main things that cats and dogs can suffer from. Statistics show that each year, one million dogs become heartworm positive in just the United States alone. Heartworms affect both dogs and cats a little differently, too. Cats usually only have around six. They can even have as few as one or two that they deal with at any given time. Dogs, on the other hand, can suffer from over 30 worms that spread throughout their heart and lungs. Regardless of the number of worms, both cats and dogs can suffer greatly from heartworms.

To prevent as much suffering as possible, there are a few things pet owners can do for their pets. Test for heartworms every six months or once a year. That way, they do not have to suffer longer than necessary. Another thing that can be done is heartworm prevention. Similar to using flea prevention once a month, pet owners can give their pets heartworm prevention every month. In the long run, you will save money on an expenditure such as this. If you do not use it and your pet gets sick, the costs can range up to $1,000 to treat heartworm.

Don?t get stuck with a variety of clinical diagnostics laboratory costs. Veterinary laboratory tests can be expensive more expensive than monthly care.

Have you ever given your pet heartworm preventative or had to resort to clinical diagnostics laboratory tests? Let us know in the comments if it helped keep your pet safe and healthy.
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