How Can Antlers for Dogs Improve Their Dental Health?

Organic dog treat

Dogs are considered the best friends of humankind. Loyal, adorable, reliable, and loads of fun, it is hard not to fall in love with canines. And for those who are lucky enough to have a dog in their home, they will likely be the first to tell you that those furry little companions are most definitely considered to be members of the family. While so many people dream of getting the perfect puppy in the window, there are numerous people who do not fully understand all of the responsibility that goes into caring for a dog.

From making sure that they are properly fed and that they have enough exercise, to getting them to the veterinarian’s office for checkups and necessary shots, having a dog can be a lot of work. Of course, all of that work is definitely worth it, but it is helpful to learn as much as you can about what life would look like as a dog owner, before actually becoming one.

Taking care of your puppy’s oral health

On top of shots, vaccinations, flea checks and treatment, and the process of getting your pet spayed or neutered, one of the major concerns that you may have as a dog owner is making sure that your furry friend has good oral health. Expert veterinarians have stated that there is approximately 85% of dogs that are older than four years old that have some type of periodontal disease. Dogs don’t create a habit of brushing their teeth like we humans do, so paying attention to their oral care is important. One good way to encourage healthy teeth and gums is by getting bones, chews, or treats that are specifically geared toward better oral health. Organic dog treats and antlers for dogs are just a couple of examples of items that could be just what the vet ordered.

Antlers for dogs

Getting antlers for dogs, or antler dog chews, might sound strange at first, but when you think of the classic image of a dog chewing on its favorite bone, it starts to make sense. And if these antlers or antler chews come highly recommended by your dog’s veterinarian, you can rest assured your best friend is on the right track toward a healthy lifestyle.

Nearly half of all of the households across the entire country have at least one dog. That’s a lot of households caring for a lot of dogs. Knowledge and awareness are important, and your pup’s oral health is among the most crucial of elements. Make sure that you head to the vet for your furry best friend’s oral check up at least one time every year.

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