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Archive for July, 2017


The Importance of Dental Care for Dogs

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Caring for your pet

As every dog parent knows, there are times when you have to be cruel to be kind. Dental care for dogs is one such occasion. Just as in humans, vets are discovering that dental health in our canine buddies is closely linked to their overall health. If neglected, dental problems in dogs can lead to bigger health problems. That’s why dental health is an important part of caring for your pet, right up there with regular shots, spay/ neuter and annual checkups.

Dental care for dogs
Just as in people, dogs also experience buildup of plaque on their teeth. And as in humans, this can lead to tooth decay and other internal problems. It’s estimated that by the time they’re three years old, 80% of dog


5 Top Tips for a Happy Healthy Feline

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Pet insurance plans

Cats have long been regarded as divine creatures. The ancient Egyptians viewed them as sacred beings, and revered them as gods and goddesses. In modern times, we view them more simply as companions, but still show them much respect.

Cats, in fact, are currently the most popular pet in the United States. The United States currently has approximately 76.43 million cats, making them the country with the most felines in the world. Even dogs, so called “man’s best friend,” only reside in 46.3 million households in the United States.

With such a clear soft spot for these furry, feline creatures, it’s important for us to also be aware of how to properly understand, maintain and care for our nation’s cat health. According to Pet MD


If You Own a Pet, You Must Take It To the Vet

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Pet surgery

If you are like the tens of millions of people who own a cat or a dog, then you need to know how important it is to take care of them. Pets need regular medical care just like people do, so if you are a pet owner, you need to understand the importance of regular visits to the veterinarian.

Whether you get your pet as a baby or adopt an older dog or cat, one of the first things you should do is schedule an appointment with a veterinarian to get the animal checked out and to have any necessary vaccines given. Puppies need a series of shots every three to four weeks until they are 16 years old. They will get things like the rabies vaccine, parvovirus vaccine and others. Once you have gotten these initial visits out of the way, i