Six Health Benefits That Can Come From Regular Dog Grooming

Dog grooming is an essential part of owning any dog. While it’s important to make sure and book dog grooming services regularly to ensure your furry friend doesn’t start to smell funky and look even funkier, it’s also important to their overall health. Typically, it’s recommended that you schedule a service every month with a dog grooming company to help manage their coats and trim their nails. Aside from that, a couple of the most surprising benefits can also include:

Healthy Dog Grooming

If your dog has a thicker coat and longer hair, it can be hard to see any skin irritation or bumps and lumps that they might have. Taking a pair of clippers to them yourself can cause pain and additional irritation if you don’t know what you’re doing. A professional dog grooming company knows how to properly groom all types of dogs, and handle any problem areas knowledgeably.

Without proper grooming, it’s even possible that bumps and other wounds could go undetected. And if they are a sign of an underlying problem, it can be difficult to know to take action before its too late.

Additionally, for dogs with skin sensitivities, a professional dog groomer will know what products to use to help soothe irritation. This can also help better protect the skin and make them more comfortable overall.

Nail Trimming

I don’t know about you, but I bought one of those electric safety nail trimmers that you see on TV thinking it would be an easy way to trim my dog’s nails. I was wrong. While some dogs will sit back and let you trim their nails, most will fight you for it. Additionally, it can be hard to know how far to cut down, especially if you’re using the traditional nail clippers. To make nail trimming easier, safer, and better for both your dog and you, let the professionals handle this task.

Hair Care

Just like we like heading to the salon for a professional hair cut, a dog grooming company can give your dog the hair care they need. Ungroomed hair can become matted quickly, which can not only be painful, but can become home to fleas and ticks. Professional grooming can also mitigate shedding, which every dog owner can rejoice about.


A groomer is trained to spot signs of parasites that you otherwise wouldn’t notice. It can be determined if your dog as fleas, ticks, or any abnormal skin growths that could be a sign of larger issues.

The Anal Gland

Something most dog owners either don’t know about or like to not think about, the anal gland is emptied each time your dog defecates. However, if stools are too soft, these glads can become full and cause discomfort. Though you can empty them yourself, it’s something most of us would rather leave to a professional.

If you’ve noticed your dog licking or biting at his behind, or scooting more frequently, bring it up to your groomer and ask them to tell you if it’s due to a glad issue.

Smelling Great

No one wants their dog to smell bad, but let’s face it, if we start to stink without a shower, why should we expect our pets to be any different? Regular grooming at a professional dog grooming company is the best way to keep your dog smelling fresh all month long.

We all want our best friends to look and feel their best, and having them professionally groomed is one of the best ways to ensure that they do. If you haven’t been scheduling monthly groomer visits, nows the time to start. Not only will it keep them looking fresh, but it can help keep them healthier for longer.