Help Your Dog Heal From a Swollen Ankle

Our furry, four-legged friends are so active. They are always running and jumping. Their excitement and energy provide lasting joy. Unfortunately, sometimes they sustain an injury and this can be painful for both the dog and the owner. When a dog suffers from a swollen ankle, it is important to understand what that means and how to treat it. Here are some tips to consider if you find your puppy in this position.

Understanding Common Injuries

First off, let’s cover what is actually involved when a dog has a swollen ankle. It might be tempting to search “dog swollen ankle.” if you do, you may find that it most likely is caused by a strain or sprain. What is the difference? A strain is caused by injured tendons. Tendons connect muscles and bones. Strains can happen when the dog performs an exaggerated stretch and pushes it too far or does it too often. This kind of strain is most common in athletic dogs. However, it can happen to laid-back dogs during normal play if they slip, fall or jump.

A sprain is when the ligaments that connect bones to each other suffer damage. This kind of injury can cause joint damage. A sprain can occur from actions like when a dog jumps off of a chair or stool and can even happen from simply stepping in a hole.

What to Do?

If your precious puppy sustains either of these injuries, it is very stressful. It may be tempting to want to care for your pet immediately in order to save time and money. This is not a time to jump online and search “dog swollen ankle.” When you search something like “dog swollen ankle” you may find people who have tried to DIY dog wraps, dog hock braces or other dog leg wraps.

You may think you could do it yourself whenever you have the chance. The truth is, even if this can help you control costs, you would be wasting precious time figuring out how to do it. Instead of just trying to figure it out on your own by searching “dog swollen ankle,” you should put all your energy into taking them to a vet that knows how to care for swollen ankles and can administer the proper dog hock brace.

Putting your dog first in situations like this can help begin the healing process quickly. Find a vet that understands how to administer dog wraps and braces and will care for your dog properly.