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Archive for November, 2019


Pets Face Some of the Same Ailments as People and Need Treatment

Written by admin. Posted in Ankle brace socks, Arthritis hand warming gloves, Sheets for horses

Having pets or companion livestock such as horses can mean having to deal with health problems as they age, some of which are unique to animals, and some of which are similar to what humans deal with. Taking care of your companion animal as it ages needs to involve a combination of preventive care and treating illnesses and chronic conditions as they arrive. Here are some of the common things animals deal with as they age and how to help prevent and treat them.

Just as with humans, pets and companion livestock tend to encounter orthopedic issues as they age. Often, these problems are more pronounced in certain breeds and are the product of centuries of inbreeding or cross breeding. Even dogs that aren’t prone to problems can have arthritis as they age. Statistics suggest that as many as one in four dogs develops arthritis over time. There are things you can do to help your dog. Just as in people, exercise can help dogs stave off the effects of aging. Studies show that 30 minutes of