How a Diagnostics Laboratory Can Benefit Your Pet

Dog heartworm test at home

We want our pets to live the absolute longest and happiest lives possible, which is why we want the best care for them. In your pet’s time of need, a clinical diagnostics laboratory can get to the bottom of any problem and offer tests that will look at every aspect of your pet’s health to give them proper treatment when they need it most. Some of the issues that inflict pets every year include heart worm, anemia viruses, and so much more. We will take a closer look at some of the health problems that can fall on your pet and how a diagnostics laboratory can play an integral role in their health.

For Dogs, Horses, Cats, and More

A canine heartworm test is one of the most common tests that are used in a clinical diagnostics laboratory, where the rates of heartworm are always increasing. One million dogs in the U.S. are estimated to be positive for heartworm, showing that the rates are quite high in this disease. Heartworm treatment is also very expensive, being estimated up to around $1,000, which is why preventative care is absolutely necessary. The same can be said for cats. Dogs may have 30 or more worms in their heart and lungs, but cats usually have between one or six. However, no matter how many worms are present in either animal, they could leave your pet desperately ill, and you searching for an end to the misery the disease puts on their body.

Veterinary diagnostics are not just a useful for our small pets, like dogs and cats. It is also essential for horses and larger animals. Horses are found to be susceptible to something known as equine infectious anemia virus, which comes on quite quickly in a pet you love. They could develop the most severe symptoms of the disease within days and die within only a few short weeks, without care and testing. With around 2 million people owning horses in the U.S., this is something all owners must be wary of, because by the time appropriate testing is considered, the disease could have already taken a hold on a horse and threaten to kill them.

As you can see, contract lab services at a diagnostics laboratory can be very beneficial to your furry friends of all sizes.