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How Many Pets Does Your Family Have?

Written by admin. Posted in 24 hour animal hospital, Signs of a pet emergency

Animal hospital in tucson

You are missing Stan the Man tonight.
You and your girls took him to the emergency vet office tonight, where he will spend the night. Stan had been having seizures throughout the today, and seemed like he was in a fog.
It is going to be a long night without him, but you are hoping for good news in the morning.
Dealing with the illness of a pet can be difficult, especially when that pet has seizures or another condition that is making him seem like a different pet altogether. Fortunately, emergency veterinary services and animal hospitals can offer help. From veterinary specialty centers to pet hospitals, an increasing number of places are offering the care that many pet owners are looking for.
How Close Are You to an Animal Hospital or Vet Care Clinic?
From strip malls in the suburbs to refurbished warehouses downtown, animal care locations are opening up across the nation. And while there may have been a time when you had to drive to the outskirts of town to find the animal care that you needed, today’s animal hospital services and daycare offerings are found throughout cities and and even some small towns.
Consider some of these facts and figures about the animal care industry and the number of pets that Americans currently own:

  • 38.9 million households in America own cats.
  • Until they are 16 weeks old, kittens and puppies need to go into a vet for vaccines every three to four weeks.
  • As pets get older, vets suggest twice a year checkups.
  • 80% of dogs show signs of dental disease by age three, leading to loose teeth, abscesses, and chronic pain.
  • 70% of cats show signs of dental disease by age three, leading to loose teeth, abscesses, and chronic pain.
  • 92% of pet owners spent the same or more on their pets during the most recent recession period as they did during nonrecession times, according to Forbes Magazine.

For many people, pets are an important part of the family. Knowing that you have a close location to visit when your pet is not feeling the best is a real relieve. Finding the right care when needed is important to every pet owner.


Reasons to Learn About Pet Health Insurance When You Adopt an Animal

Written by admin. Posted in Cat health insurance, How pet insurance works, Older dogs

Cat insurance cost

Do you have pet insurance? Whether you own a cat, dog, or some other pet, it?s important to keep them insured. Pet health insurance can help relieve some of the costs for procedures, surgeries, and medications your pet may need during its lifetime. Just like humans, you can?t predict when a household pet may get injured or become ill. You don?t want to have to pay medical bills without the assistance that pet health insurance plans can offer.

Interested in learning more about how pet insurance works? Keep reading for more information about why you should review various plans for pet insurance.

Benefits of a Having Pet Health Insurance Plan

Cats and dogs are beloved animals throughout the United States. More than 46 million homes in the country have a dog, and there are nearly double that number of cats that live in the United States. However, you can?t simply adopt a pet and leave it at that. They need care and attention in order to live their best lives under your roof.

When you first adopt a pet cat or dog, you should go ahead and take them to the vet. During this initial visit, you can learn more about your new pet. If you didn?t have all its medical history before, you can get up-to-date information on your pet?s medical status. You?ll find out what shots it has and what shots it still needs. You can also help rule out any dangerous illnesses it may have if it was a stray prior to you taking it in.

During this initial appointment, be sure to ask how pet insurance works. You can review various cat health insurance and dog health insurance plans to find the right one for you, your budget, and your pet. You?ll want to go ahead and decide on a plan as soon as possible. It is likely you will need to consider having your pet spayed or neutered. It?s common with both cats and dogs to have this procedure. In fact, nearly 85% of cats are spayed or neutered.

With more than $13 billion spent on pet care throughout the country every year, it?s important that you find out how pet insurance works so that you can make the most of your money. While you want your pet to happy, safe, and healthy, you shouldn?t have to spend a fortune out of pocket. Whether it?s a neutering or spaying appointment or a sudden illness or injury, having pet health insurance can assist you as you care for your pet.

What pet health insurance plan do you have and what research did you do to learn how pet insurance works? Has it helped offset any unexpected costs from injury or illness? Let us know in the comments your thoughts on how we can provide the best home for our pets.