Keep Your Dog Warm and Well-Accessorized in Any Season with These Pet Clothing Options

Dog collar bandanas

In the United States, there are approximately 73 million homes with pets, and almost half of those homes own dogs — a total of 63.8 million dogs, in fact. Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, with plenty of breeds and mixes to choose from. But if someone says the phrase “lap dog,” what do most of us think of?

Chances are it’s a small dog, no bigger than the average house cat (the second most popular pet in the U.S.). Yet owners of big dogs know the truth: our larger four-legged friends are just as affectionate as dogs a quarter their size.

When most people think of dressing up a dog, they often think of those small dogs, too — usually the ones that fit inside a handbag. While it is easier to find pet clothing for smaller dogs than it is larger dogs, there are options for dogs of all sizes, too, and any dog can benefit from protective clothing, such as dog hoodie sweatshirts, or accessories, like personalized dog bandanas and collars.

Dog hoodie sweatshirts are convenient because they can keep a pup warm on those cold winter walks. Even though dogs already have “fur coats,” it’s still crucial to protect them from the cold when the temperature drops. Small dog hoodies and large dog hoodie sweatshirts are great for almost any breed, and they are typically made from comfy materials such as cotton and fleece.

When the weather is a bit warmer, you can still dress up your dog. Dog tee shirts are a good way to keep your pup looking stylish, but if that’s too much, a custom dog bandana can also do the trick. A tee shirt is also useful if your dog has just been groomed and washed but might run the risk of playing in the mud — at least then you only have a tee shirt to wash rather than an entire dog!

How do you keep your pup warm and well-accessorized throughout the year? Tell us in the comments section. Get more on this here.