Five Ways You Can Ensure Your Dog Lives a Happy, Healthy Life

Veterinarian advice for cats

Dogs might just be the most popular pet in America. Currently, about 37% of households in the U.S. own at least one dog as a pet.

This is because dogs are extraordinary companions, and for many people are members of their family. And whether you are a first-time dog owner or you’ve been a dog enthusiast for decades, you want your dog to have the best health care for animals available so you can spend many happy years with your canine best friend.

Here are five of the best tips to help you ensure your dog lives a happy, healthy life:

1. Regular veterinary visits: Obviously, a crucial part of good health care for animals for your dog is taking him or her to a veterinarian for dogs for regular check-ups and exams. Generally, it’s recommended that you take your dog to a veterinarian for animals one to two times per year.

2. A healthy diet: Your dog’s diet is another essential component of his or her health. You should feed your dog food that’s free of preservatives or excessive additives. Ask your veterinarian for some recommendations on good types of dog food!

3. Frequent physical activity: Dogs — especially large ones — need to exercise every day to maintain a healthy weight. Exercise is also good for a dog’s mental health, as well — so make sure you take your dog for walks at least once a day.

4. Emergency contact information on hand: Even when you do everything to ensure your dog is healthy, accidents can still happen. That’s why you should have the contact information of your local pet emergency clinic that offers animal critical care and emergency services in an easily-accessible spot in your house. The fridge is a great spot.

5. Adequate attention: Dogs are companion animals — so they thrive off your affection and attention. It ought to go without saying, but a dog is healthiest when he or she gets to play with you and spend time with you. They’re not called “man’s best friend” for no reason! More: