Picking The Perfect Pup

Cavachon dogs

Buying a puppy is a wonderful experience that can bring joy and happiness into anyone’s life. There are countless advantages of having a dog. For instance, simply petting your dog offers sensory stress relief and a sense of companionship. Going out and playing with your dog is also known to lessen the symptoms of depression, panic, and anxiety. Likewise, according to Web MD, research has shown that owning a pet can even lead to lowered blood pressure in the owner. What’s more, dogs and puppies encourage stable daily routines, plenty of exercise, and endless laughter, boosting your immune system and over all sense of well being.

For first time dog owners there are a lot of big decisions and a lot to look for when buying a puppy. Questions such as where to buy puppies, how to buy a puppy, or which breed is ideal for a certain lifestyle are essential for finding the perfect fuzzy friend. If you own any other pets, such as a cat or another dog, the question of specific breeds also comes into the equation. For an example of some of the things to consider when picking out a dog, here is a brief puppy buying guide for Cavachon puppies and finding the right Cavachon breeders.

The first step in finding the perfect Cavachon is to locate a reliable, well represented Cavachon breeder. Cavachon breeders, due to the nature of the breed, specialize in family-oriented and first time dog owners. This is because the Cavachon is a mix of a full bred Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a full bred Bichon Frise. They love people and are known to maintain their pleasant personality around children. Cavachon dogs are also great for families with allergy issues being that they do not shed and are hypo-allergenic. The Cavachon is a non-aggressive breed that is known to get along very well with other pets, especially when introduced at an early age. The average lifespan of Cavachon dogs ranges between 10 and 12 years, making them ideal for first time owners. The Cavachon has a stable, sporty nature and are particularly alert; they are very smart, loving, caring dogs. If you live in a major city or a rural suburb, Cavachons are ideal. They are generally comfortable indoors and, when found with a proper Cavachon breeder, tend to avoid “small dog syndrome”. They are not big barkers, making them ideal for compact city living as well as at nighttime for busy tomorrows. The Cavachon’s mellow, gentle demeanor is likewise ideal for first time owners and families.

Quality Cavachon breeders can also help you find the best
pet shops in your area to help maintain a quality environment and diet for your new puppy. Being that weekly baths are recommended for Cavachon dogs, finding quality products to keep your puppy clean is a must. Finding a proper breeder is a vital resource for any of the unforeseen questions and problems that arise when raising your puppy. So what are you waiting for? Contact several quality Cavachon breeders and begin your journey with a loving puppy!
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