Six Reasons Why You Need To Take Your Dog To Be Groomed Reguarly

There’s an old adage that a dog is man’s best friend. With more than 75 million dogs in the United States (a number bigger than any other country), that certainly seems to ring true. But the same adage can also be applied to all pets. For as many dogs as there are in the U.S., there are just as many cats (74-96 million).

There’s nothing better than getting home from a long day or work and having your dog happily waiting there at the door to great you. When you’re excited about something, they’re excited. No matter what kind of do, cat or other animal you have, Americans love their pets. While that love can be shown by petting them, walking them or giving them treats, it should also be shown by regularly grooming your dog.

By taking your furry friend to a dog grooming company, you’re showing them love in many ways including:

  • Grooming also helps maintain your dog’s coat and skin. A dog groomer or dog grooming company can also detect changes in your dog’s skin that might go unnoticed to the naked eye. For dog groomers, a dog’s skin is almost like a blueprint they can use to tell you if anything’s wrong. Oily skin for example might mean you need to make some changes in what your dog eats. If your dog has dull fur, hair loss or generally unhealthy looking skin, a groomer can suggest ways to make your pooch healthier.
  • Sticking to the topic of skin and coats, a dog grooming company can help keep your dog’s coat shiny and healthy. if you have a breed of dog like a husky that tends to shed a lot, you know how important regular grooming is. By having a groomer properly brush out a dog’s cut, it can help reduce the amount of dog hair that sticks to a home’s surfaces. Brushing can also be comfortable for a dog and it helps remove debris and prevent matting. In the spring and summer, brushing becomes even more important as you try to keep your dog from picking up ticks.
  • A dog grooming company can also help your dog look and smell better. For a lot of dogs, there’s nothing better than being able to roam around outside, sniffing everything and enjoying the fresh air. But if they love roaming around and rolling around, chances are favorable they’re going to get smelly and dirty after awhile. This is especially true if a dog is roaming around on damp or soaking wet ground. Professional dog grooming services can get your pet smelling great and looking their best. Depending on what breed of dog you have, a groomer can also keep your dog’s hair short or long, depending on your preference.
  • Dog groomers can also help your dog relax. During the grooming process, a groomer can massage your dog and make them feel comfortable. Some breeds of dog seem to always be on guard and tense, so a message can help de-stress your dog while relaxing their muscles.
  • Regular grooming visits can help with early detection of issues with your dog’s skin, teeth, ears and other body parts. As much as you love your dog, you may not always know the signs when something isn’t quite right, especially when it comes to infections and more serious problems. A professional dog groomer can instantly tell you if something’s wrong by checking for bald patches, lesions and bumps that you need to be made aware of.
  • On the subject of infections, nail trims are important as well. They can reduce the risk of infection and help with your dog’s posture and overall foot structure. For a lot of dog owners, trimming their pooches nails is something they dread doing. Rather than doing through the hassle at home, a dog grooming company can make the process much easier.

There are a plethora of benefits to professional dog grooming and taking your furry friend in for a wash and nail trim will not only keep them healthy, they’ll come out looking better, smelling better and you’ll learn how to keep your dog healthy.