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Archive for May, 2019


Show Your Canine Family Member You Care With an Orthopedic Dog Bed

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The United States has more pet dogs than any other country in the world. Recent figures indicate that this amounts to more than 75 million canine family members. Unfortunately, a large percentage of animals, which includes dogs, end up in shelters across the country every year. This amounts to more than six million animals without stable, loving homes.

Health and Behavioral Issues

Many dogs, especially puppies, tend to check on household items. In addition to furniture, puppies may also gnaw at their own beds and mats. While some puppies may grow out of this behavior, others require regular training.

Just like their human family, dogs can also develop arthritis. It’s been found that this applies to one out of every four pet dogs. Since a dog’s family wants them to be comfortable, about 45% of pet owners allow them to sleep in their own beds. In some instances, however, this practice is intended to ease separation anxiety. It’s also a way to give and receive love a


Salt Water Aquariums Are a Favorite Past Time for Many People

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This a very bittersweet weekend. It is the last weekend you will ever wear the uniform as a soldier. This journey started in 1976 and you have worn the uniform in every decade since then. You are that old.
Your career has spanned the Army, Army National Guard, and now Army Reserve. You have been around the world and seen places most people only dream of. You have also been around the world and seen things only for nightmares. You are an an old Soldier who still believes that God, Country, and Family are worth fighting for, but it is time for the young guns to take over.
Your wife has joked that now you are going to have time on your hand, you will need to to find some things to fill the days. The first few weeks were rough, but now you feel like you have finally found your groove.
Both Beginners and Expert Aquarium Owners Enjoy Adding New Items to Their Environments
The jet skis are in the water and the red montipora are in the tank. As you continue to navigate t