There Are Over 60 Million Feral Cats In America Is Your Cat Spayed Or Neutered?

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Cats are our best friends. They make us laugh after a long day at work and comfort us when we’re feeling down. When they get sick, we do everything we can to bring them back up to speed for all the joy they’ve brought to our lives. Cat health is an ongoing learning process for cat owners, as there are always new and better ways to make sure your furry friend is living their life to the fullest. Keeping their gums healthy, eliminating the possibility of heartworms and ensuring they’re getting proper exercise are just a few of the ways you can bolster your cat’s quality of life. Health care for animals? Easily the best.

How Many Domesticated Cats Are There?

The United States loves pets. Dogs and cats are common members of the average household, with the former perfect for large families and the latter flexible enough to fit all manner of lifestyles. Boasting nearly 77 million cats as of today, America has more cats than any other country. Because of this high number cat health is an important issue for many. If you haven’t looked into pet insurance or are currently worried about your cat’s quality of life, keep reading to learn about what you can do.

How Many Feral Cats Are There?

Cats that aren’t well taken care of risk becoming feral. Think 77 million domesticated cats is a large number? There are nearly 60 million feral cats roaming the country, with that number increasing day after day due to a lack of awareness, irresponsible ownership and unchecked litters. Feral cats can negatively impact the environment, spread disease and generally cause trouble for both residents and animal control workers alike. What can you do to curb this trend and create a happier environment for both people and animals?

What Are Common Health Issues For Cats?

Although there are hundreds of health issues that can affect your cat, there are a few that are common enough to warrant vaccines, regular check-ups and dietary adjustments. Gum disease is a notorious issue for cats — if you notice your pet has gray or black spots on their gums or irregular bleeding, they may just have a gum issue. This can be curbed through veterinarian approved treats and brushing. Heartworm is another common disease that affects both cats and dogs, though this can be easily reversed with a few trips to the vet. Last, but not least, watch out for fleas and ticks! A flea collar or shampoo can buff those right out.

What Else Should I Keep An Eye Out For?

Make sure to spay or neuter your pet, regardless of whether or not they’re an outdoor or indoor cat. This way you can reduce the amount of unwanted litters and feral cats roaming the streets. Studies have shown the majority of pets are obtained from acquaintances and family members, with 28% of dogs and cats purchased from breeders and another 29% adopted from shelters or rescue centers. Just like progress doesn’t start in a day, neither does a happy and healthy cat. It’s the little things that go a long way!

How Can I Improve My Cat Health?

Pet insurance plans can reduce stress for both you and your cat. They can cover the basics for ensuring a health lifestyle for your cat, though it’s important to read the details so you don’t end up missing out anything important such as vaccinations or basic check-ups. Remember that cat health is not just physical, either — it’s emotional! Play with your cat, check up on your cat and make sure they’re active throughout the day. Common side-effects of a bored or anxious cat can include eating random items off the floor, constant meowing and lethargy. Our cats love us. Make sure you love them back!