Appreciating the Vet in Your Pet’s Life

Veterinarian advice for cats

People love their pets. With 37.2% of homeowners being dog owners and 32.4% of homeowners being cat owners, that adds up to a lot of domestic animals. Of course, people want the absolute best for their furry friends, and that means finding a qualified pet wellness center to fit their medical needs. The veterinarian is one of the most important people in a pet’s life. From providing routine vaccinations, answering pet health questions, and providing wellness exams to emergency vet care and pet surgery, the vet is there for it all!

Dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens under 10 years old should see their vet at least once every year for their wellness exam. Senior pets over 10 should visit the pet wellness center once every 6 months for the same reason.

What is a wellness exam, you ask? A wellness exam is just like going to your doctor for a routine check-up. During a wellness exam, the veterinarian or veterinarian technician will check your dog or cat for lumps, bumps, bruises, parasites, and a whole plethora of other potential health issues. Vaccinations will be administered if they are due, and, depending on the vet’s findings, he or she may recommend medication, grooming, or dietary and lifestyle changes. Remember that, just like with humans, any medication that is prescribed should be administered until gone or otherwise recommended by the vet, even if your pet appears to be feeling better.

An estimated 80% of all veterinary industry income comes from the treatment of dogs, cats, and other small animals. Unlike large animal and agricultural vets, who make house calls to farms and zoos, most small animal veterinarians are based in veterinary clinics or hospitals.

Veterinary medicine is a field for people who love animals, as it can be dangerous at times. Between 61 and 68% of veterinarians have been hospitalized or experienced significant loss of work due to animal-related injury. But once the vet has recovered, they often go right back to work, as they care about their patients just as much as their own pets. This dedication to pets is what makes a good veterinarian great.