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Animals are a huge part of many households, and in many cases are considered to be a part of the family. Taking care of your beloved pets is a big responsibility and requires the help of many other people at times, including boarding kennels, doggy day cares, local veterinarians, and veterinarian hospitals and other places for emergency vet care. Many people find a vet and stick with them for the life of their pets and build a trusting bond with them. Many families welcome multiple animals into their homes and continue to adopt pets for years as a loving, affectionate part of the home.
Feline Facts

  • It is estimated that there is at least one cat per each household in the United States.
  • Over 36,000 homes in the United States have pet cats
  • It is estimated that there are over 74 million domesticated felines in the United States
  • Most domesticated cats cost under $100 a year in medical care from veterinarian hospitals
  • Most cat owners take their pets to the vet only one or two times each year, causing cats to be considered as the lower maintenance pet in comparison to dogs

Dog Details

  • It is estimated that there is at least one dog per each household in the United States
  • Over one third of Americans owns at least one dog
  • The average cost of veterinary bills in the United States per dog is almost $400 per year
  • Dogs often require more direct human attention than cats and may need to go to a puppy day care or a boarding kennel when their owners are away, whereas cats are much more independent and can be left alone for longer periods of time with the proper food and water

Pets are a wonderful source of unconditional and unlimited love. To keep your pets happy and healthy, many veterinarians recommend that they have check ups at least once a year to make sure they are living the best life possible.