Three Awesome Home Remedies For Unwell Pets

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Last year, Americans spent a record-breaking $55.7 billion on their pets, and by the end of this year, it looks like they’ll spend nearly $60 billion. About $14.37 of this spending — approximately 26% — was for pet health solutions, like emergency vet care and routine checkups at veterinary care centers. Another $13.14 billion — about 24% — was spent on medicine for animals.

While every pet owner wants their four-legged-friends to get the best care and attention when they’re even the littlest bit unwell, they usually wind up paying exorbitant fees, and taking away the time that vets and veterinary technicians could be spending with more seriously ill or injured animals.

Luckily, there are several great home remedies you can offer your pet when he or she isn’t feeling well. Here’s a few types of homemade medicine for animals that can help your pets get well again.

Sports Waters Can Help Animals Recover From a Bout of Vomiting or Diarrhea.

Those flavorless electrolyte-replacing liquids aren’t only medicine for athletes, they’re also medicine for animals, too. They can help animals rehydrate after an illness just as they can help athletes rehydrate. In fact, they might just be what your doggy needs after a bout of diarrhea or vomiting. You may want to contact your vet about the appropriate dosages before giving them any, though.

Lemon Can Fend Off Fleas.

Instead of getting that overpriced, over-the-counter medicine for animals that promises to ward off fleas, but only seems to just make your dog sticky and smelly, why not get a lemon for a fraction of the price? Fleas hate citrus, so if you put a small amount of fresh lemon juice on your pet’s fur, they won’t even bother biting.

Chamomile Tea Can Relieve Irritated Skin.

Dog or cat has a rash? Chamomile tea is a great medicine for animals with irritated skin. All you have to do is brew some tea, put it in a spray bottle, and spray it on the irritated part of the pet’s skin.

Keep in mind that all this homemade medicine for animals is only for minor problems. If you suspect that something might be seriously wrong — something beyond a stomachache — you need to take your pet to a vet, who will be able to give him or her the prescriptive strength drugs he or she needs.

If you have any questions about homemade medicine for animals, or have any other pet injury advice to offer, feel free to share in the comments. References.