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3 Incredible Facts You Didn’t Know About Your Dog

Written by admin. Posted in Benefits of neutering your pet, Spay and neuter clinic phoenix az, Spay your cat

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Millions of Americans welcome dogs into their homes for one reason: these animals are one of the best companion animals, providing endless hours of friendship, love and laughs.

But what do we know about dogs — really? What sets them apart from simply being an animal we let live in our homes? Surprisingly, there’s a number of fascinating facts to know about your pet that will show you just how remarkable dogs really are.

Want to know more about your four-legged friend? Read these three amazing facts you probably never would have guessed about dogs:

Dogs have a stronger sense of smell than you think

Did you know that the part of a dog’s brain responsible for smell is actually 40 times stronger than that of the human brain? This means dogs are able to smell thousan