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Treatment Options for Dogs and Cats with Arthritis

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When you have an older dog or cat, whether they’ve been with your family since they were a puppy or a kitten, rescued from a shelter, or recently adopted, you want to protect your animals health. One way to assist you with caring for this important member of your family is through purchasing insurance for older pets. In addition to a basic policy, you may also be able to obtain optional add-on policies for wellness visits and vaccinations.

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), older pets may develop arthritis, which while painful, can be managed. Your dog or cat may be suffering from arthritis if they exhibit one or more of these signs:

    Walking stiffly
    Leg favoring

Cats, for example, may not be able to groom themselves well when they have arthritis, according to the AVMA, so if your cat has unkempt fur, this may be a possible sign. Since unkempt fur may also be a sign that they’re suffering with a different illness or condition, it’s important to take them in to see their veterinarian. Regular veterinary visits are an important facet of pet care.

If your veterinarian has determined that your dog or cat has arthritis, then they may make several pet care recommendations. Your veterinarian may, for example, recommend medication as well as low-impact exercise, according to the AVMA. It’s important to follow your veterinarian’s recommendations and ask questions to ensure that you understand the pain management plan that they’ve created to benefit your pet.

An important aspect of providing good pet care is managing your pet’s weight. If your dog or cat has a few extra pounds and they have been diagnosed with arthritis, losing this extra weight may make a major difference with reducing joint pressure and pain. Losing extra pounds may also make a profound impact with potential weight-related issues, including diabetes and heart disease.

Your veterinarian may also recommend some type of physical therapy, such as swimming or walking on a treadmill. Another treatment option that your veterinarian may recommend includes alternative medicine, such as acupuncture. Many acupuncturists also specialize in veterinary medicine.

There are other things that you can do, according to the AVMA, to make your dog or cat more comfortable. These include providing soft bedding, gentle play, and massages. You may also want to assist them with grooming or take them to a groomer. Ramps are also helpful so your pets can reach their favorite spot on the couch or more easily move up and down indoor and outdoor steps.

When you notice that your dog or cat isn’t behaving like their usual self, or if you believe they’re exhibiting signs of arthritis, the AVMA stresses the importance of taking them to the veterinarian. It’s important for your beloved pet to receive a proper diagnosis so that they can receive the right type of treatment for their condition. If your pet receives an early diagnosis for arthritis, this can make a major difference with their pain management plan and overall comfort level.


Pet Health Insurance Plans Help Owners Predict and Budget for Expenses

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Cat health insurance

Do you believe that all dogs go to heaven?
Do you treat your pets like they are members of the family?
Are you one of the cat owners who bought your feline friends one of those cat climbing walls that prove that gravity does not apply to cats?
If you can answer in the affirmative to these questions, you are a top notch pet owner. You may take your dog on vacation with you, if even it requires paying an extra airline fee. You may be the kind of person who lets your pet sleep with you. In fact, you may be the kind of pet owner who makes more frequent grooming appointments for your pet than you do salon and haircut appointments for yourself. If you consider yourself a leader of the pack in the pet owning population, you are likely very concerned about the health of your animal as well.
Pet owners who want to be the most prepared for the healthcare needs of their animals often make the decision to enroll in pet health insurance plans. In fact, pet owners who have given careful consideration for the health concerns for senior dogs and cats likely have a monthly budget for these expenses. And while getting an insurance policy because of health concerns for senior dogs and cats may initially seem expensive, paying for premiums is often a wise financial decision. For example, knowing the exact expense of a monthly pet insurance premium can help you budget for later, less expected needs.
Somewhat similar to human health insurance, getting pet insurance helps you prepare for some of the more unexpected health concerns for senior dogs and cats. A monthly premium can, for instance, even offer the option of add-ons to policies that cover wellness visits and vaccinations. Having a less expensive copay for prescriptions and surgeries can make the sad news of finding out about health concerns for senior dogs and cats more bearable. Knowing that you have been paying a fee month by month on an insurance policy is a little like having a savings account that pays back with huge interest.
Pets Play an Important Role in the Lives of Many Families
Senior dog care and senior cat care is important to families because many times these pets have been in a home for years. In fact, in many families with young children, the pets have actually been with the family even before the children were born. When you understand the significance that pets have in a family you begin to understand the need for pet insurance or pet wellness plans. Consider some of these facts about pets and their owners:

  • 76.43 million cats in the U.S. makes this a country with more felines than any other country.
  • $20.46 billion is the amount that Americans spend on pet food each year.
  • $12.56 billion is the amount that Americans spend on pet supplies and over-the-counter medicine each year.
  • $13.59 billion is the amount that Americans spend on veterinary care each year.
  • 50% or more of the pets in America are obtained from acquaintances and family members.
  • 28% of dogs in America are purchased from breeders.
  • 29% of cats and dogs in America are adopted from shelters and rescue centers.
  • 46.3 million U.S. households have a dog. This number indicates that approximately 37% to 47% of all households in the America have a dog.
  • 60 million feral cats are in the U.S.

As you read this article right now, do you have a cat or a dog in your lap or within 10 feet of you? when you finish reading this article do you need to take your dog for a walk? Chances are that you may have answered yes to at least one of those two questions. Pets play an important role in the lives of many Americans families. This means that as the holidays are approaching your family may be working on a family photo idea that not only includes the human members, but the feline and canine members as well.
If you have an aging pet that you treasure, you may have already considered looking into pet insurance policies. If not, isn’t it time that you take the time to check out the details?