How to Train Your Dog

Who doesn’t love a cute little dog. Dogs are wonderful and loyal creatures. They are also very intelligent. In fact, they are so intelligent that you can teach them tricks and other lessons. However, this does not come easy to most people.

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That is why it is helpful to hire a dog training service to help train your dog. In no time, your dog will be a well-behaved good boy. However, if you want to try to build that bond over training on your own, this video will show you the basics of dog training.

The main idea between dog training is positive reinforcement. If the dog does something the way you want, you reward them instantly with something such as food or a toy. This creates a positive feedback loop where the dog wants to continue the behavior that got them the reward. It is really very simple. Yet, it takes some practice to master. For example, the dog may not even be interested in watching you at first.

If a dog is not watching you, put them on a leash and give them a piece of food every time they look at you. This will encourage them to focus on you while also building a bond. This will be crucial for the rest of the training.