Keeping Your Cats Cool in the Summer Heat

Summer can be a brutally hot time for pets, especially those pets with tons of fur. If you have a particularly fluffy cat, it is crucial that you take steps to avoid them getting overheated in the summer. When animals get overheated or dehydrated, it can lead to an unplanned vet visit and hefty medical bills. To put you on the right track to having a healthy, happy, and fluffy cat this summer, this video shares several ways to cool off your cat.

First of all, it is crucial to maintain an ambient cool temperature in your home. An air conditioning service or several floor fans can help with this. Next, you need to provide fresh, cool water for your cat at all hour of the day.

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There are several automatic water feeders that work perfectly for keeping the cat’s water cool, ensuring that they don’t get dehydrated. The next tip is to not let your cat outside for long periods of time. Try to keep them in the temperature-regulated indoors for as much of their day as possible. Finally, take care of their fur. Brush and comb them regularly to ensure they don’t get overheated from their coat.