Spay or Neuter? Yes or No?

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A common concern for new dog owners is whether or not they should get their dog spayed or neutered. This video will explain what the spaying/neutering process entails and help you make a decision for your furry friend.

To spay and neuter your dog is a form of sexual sterilization. Neutering is done to male dogs and spaying to females. They are often done to dogs in shelters due to an overpopulation of pets in the US, and a lack of responsible owners who can prevent their dogs from having unplanned litters.

If you are a responsible pet owner and are wondering if and when to get your dog neutered, some evidence is beginning to point to waiting until the dog reaches physical maturity.

The health risks and benefits are not totally understood. The reproduction organs are responsible for some of the physical maturation of the dog, and this is why it’s recommended to wait. Still, the long-term risks and benefits of neutering aren’t fully known.

Neutering does not solve any behavioral issues. These problems require dedicated and loving training by you, the owner. Without this, the behavioral issues will stay whether the dog is neutered or not.

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