What to Expect When Grooming a Cat

This video talks about taking a cat to a cat grooming center and what a pet owner should expect when taking a cat to such a facility. One of the first things that will happen at a grooming center is that the groomer will make the cat feel comfortable with them. The idea is to get the cat to relax so that all types of procedures can be performed without the cat reacting by clawing or trying to break free from a dangerous situation that does not exist.

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Next, the groomer will look closely at the cat’s coat for discoloration. They will remove the discoloration and return the coat to a vibrant and bright color. Some combing will be the next step as the groomer attempts to get the cat’s facial fur neat and straight. If the cat relaxes while the groomer is doing its face, it will have no problem doing the rest of its body. They will go comb the coat from head to tail while the cat lies there and enjoys being pampered and cared for. The process will continue with other procedures that are discussed in the video.