What to Look for in a Rabbit Cage

You might keep rabbits for a number of reasons, including as pets or as food. No matter the reason, you need to make sure your rabbits are well cared for and living a good life. You can do this by giving them quality food and toys to play with, but one thing a lot of people overlook is their habitat. If you keep your rabbit in a cage, you’ll need to know what separates bad cages from good cages so that your rabbit can live in a quality home. In this video, you will learn the difference between good and bag cages.

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Bad cages have wire bottoms that will hurt the rabbit’s feet. You also want to make sure the cage is large enough to give them plenty of room. Hutches tend to offer enough room, but make sure it does not have an open bottom if it has two levels. One of the best types of cages is custom rabbit hutches because they are quality and can be made to meet your rabbit’s specific needs.