4 Things To Consider When Choosing An Australian Labradoodle Puppy

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It’s the opinion of 60% of Americans that pet owners lead more satisfying lives than those without pets; and many a pet owner prefers a dog. A boutique breed rising in popularity is the Australian Labradoodle, a dog that is both energetic and hypoallergenic, catering to even the most sensitive allergy sufferers. Here are some things you might want to consider before looking for Australian Labradoodle puppies for sale!

1. Find A Reliable Breeder

Although there are benefits to looking for a dog in a shelter or breed rescue, you shouldn’t forget the security that comes with a reputable breeder. It’s estimated that 28% of dogs are bought from breeders, and there’s a good reason why. A good Australian Labradoodle breeder will provide a puppy with strong lineage, great health, and an awesome temperament. Choosing a breeder ensures that you know what you’re getting, and many breeders offer warranties and serve as a resource if you run into any issues with your puppy.

2. Make Sure The Labradoodle Temperament Is Right For You

Australian Labradoodles require 30 to 60 minutes of exercise per day, and do very well in fenced in yards. It’s important that before you choose Australian Labradoodle puppies, you know that you’re ready to commit the time and dedication to this breed. The rewards, however, can be great!

3. Why Are You Choosing An Australian Labradoodle?

When you look for Australian Labradoodle puppies for sale, consider the purpose for which you’re getting this type of dog. Australian Labradoodles can be great companions for adults and children alike, and would be excellent choices for agility competitions. Due to their sweet natures and hypoallergenic coats, Australian Labradoodles can excel as therapy dogs. These are companions that you’ll own for the rest of their lives … make sure that they a job to do, even if that job is being your best friend.

4. What Kind Of Australian Labradoodle Do You Want?

Australian Labradoodle puppies come in many shapes, sizes, and colors, all the better to suit your lifestyle and preferences. A standard Labradoodle is usually 22 to 24 inches in height for a male, and 21 to 23 inches tall for a female, with both weighing 50 to 65 pounds. There are also medium Labradoodle puppies for sale, and miniature Labradoodle puppies. Colors are varied, with black labradoodles, chocolate labradoodles, yellow labradoodles, parti colored labradoodles available.

Australian Labradoodle puppies for sale are not the easiest finds to make, and with good reason. You must be selective with the breeder you choose, and sure about why you want this breed of dog. But with careful planning and consideration, an Australian Labradoodle is a great companion for years to come.