Myths about the Vet Every Pet Owner Should Know

24 hr animal hospital

If you are interested in learning more about pet boarding facilities, there are some things you should know before you begin your research. Pet boarding facilities often take animals to get exercise and provide them will fun social activities to do with other pets. Dogs and cats can actually often be boarded at vet hospitals when you are out of town, which makes it convenient if they are staying at the same place as your regular vet. If you want to know more about the basics of veterinary care, keep reading to learn some more info.

Myth #1: A veterinarian technician is the same thing as a vet. False!
A vet is actually someone who has been highly trained and gone through years of schooling to know all about how to keep healthy pets staying well and how to treat diseases in pets who are sick. A veterinarian technician is also highly skilled, but they have less schooling and less specific expertise regarding the care of pets. Think of the veterinarian technician as the physician’s assistant and the veterinarian as the physician. The one thing they definitely both have in common is a passionate love for animals and a desire to treat them and keep them healthy and strong.

Myth #2: I can’t afford the vet, so this means my animal can’t go. False!
Actually, finding a low cost vet is probably easier than you think. You can just find a vet near you who practices low cost pricing techniques and this is probably the best way to find someone who will work within your budget. If you are worried about finding someone who will provide quality care but at the same time not charge too much, you should look online and read some reviews. This will help you gauge the quality of the vet care and also evaluate if this is the right person to care for your animal.

Myth #3: It’s a waste of time to ever take my pet to the 24 hour animal hospital. False!
Think of the animal hospital as a safe place for your pet to go if they get into trouble and need emergency care. This is similar to humans — if there is a serious crisis then they will need to go to the emergency department to get urgent care. If you aren’t sure if your pet is experiencing a crisis, then you should probably call your vet, or if they are not available you can just go to the animal hospital and they will be able to tell you if your pet should be seen right away. In cases where you are unsure, you should err on the side of being cautious because it is important to get your pet the care they need in case it really is a life threatening emergency.

Myth #4: If I feed my pet the right food and make sure they get enough exercise, I don’t need to take them to the vet. False!
You should actually always make sure to take your pet to the vet, even if you only see a veterinarian technician, because you should get their status evaluated and see if they have any serious problems. Diet and exercise are extremely important components of staying healthy for any pet, but some issues really can only be detected by a trained vet so you should see them at least once a year for a routine check up. References.