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5 Top Tips for a Happy Healthy Feline

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Cats have long been regarded as divine creatures. The ancient Egyptians viewed them as sacred beings, and revered them as gods and goddesses. In modern times, we view them more simply as companions, but still show them much respect.

Cats, in fact, are currently the most popular pet in the United States. The United States currently has approximately 76.43 million cats, making them the country with the most felines in the world. Even dogs, so called “man’s best friend,” only reside in 46.3 million households in the United States.

With such a clear soft spot for these furry, feline creatures, it’s important for us to also be aware of how to properly understand, maintain and care for our nation’s cat health. According to Pet MD Top 5 Tips for a Healthy Cat, there are five fundamental things to remember when caring for you cat’s health.

  1. Food

  2. Like any living beings, cats require a consistent nutritious diet in order to thrive. In this way, remember to keep cat health in mind when shopping for pet food for you cat. Approach the pet food aisle like you would an aisle in the grocery store for yourself. Read labels to ensure you’re buying food with whole ingredients rather than an excess of preservatives. Just like you, your cat does best with wholer, more nutritious ingredients.

    Something else to consider is wet versus dry food for your cat. Some vets are now recommending a wet food only diet. Regardless of which you choose, though, it’s important to remember to not overfeed your feline friend. Cats have a tendency to overeat when food is available. Try feeding your cat at different intervals throughout the day to see when he/she is most hungry and adjust your schedule from there.

  3. Vet Visits

  4. Sure, your feline friend may not like it, but taking your cat to a vet annually (at least) is key to ensuring cat health. This is especially important when you first get your new furry friend to ensure that he/she is properly spayed/neutered and has received all necessary shots.

    Annual visits are equally important as your cat grows and changes. Your vet will be able to monitor your cat’s weight and overall health. This allows you to make sure your cat ages healthily and happily.

  5. Grooming

  6. Cats are naturally hygienic creatures. In fact, their saliva contains natural deodorants and cleansing properties. Still, it’s important to help your pet out in this department. Giving your cat a bath can be difficult and certainly not fun for your furry friend, depending on their temperament. If you do opt for a bath, look for cat-specific shampoo. Besides bathing, it’s also important to brush your cat, especially if he/she has long hair. This will prevent the formation of mats.

  7. Litter Box Maintenance

  8. Along with being hygienic, cats are also very cleanly creatures overall. As such, they like for their litter boxes to be regularly attended to. If their litter box isn’t clean, they may start going somewhere else, which you obviously don’t want. In order to make the cleaning process as easy as possible, look for a good scoopable litter. This way, you’ll be able to easily check on the cleanliness regularly.

  9. Enrichment

  10. Lastly, it’s important to make sure your cat has plenty of attention and toys to keep him/her entertained. Though cats sleep an average of 16 hours each day, they also love to engage in their natural predatory behaviors. This means giving them toys on which to “prey” and pounce. Keeping your cat engaged in this will make sure his/her mind stays sharp as he/she ages and that they’re happy overall.

Like any type of animal care, caring for your feline friend to ensure proper cat health is extremely important. Just like for you and I, health care for animals is key to making sure our pets stay happy and healthy.


Diet Dog Food With Its Benefits

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Diet dog food plan has lots of advantages for your beloved pet that help it to stay healthy and active. Nutritional intake of your dog is as much important as your own food. If you will follow proper nutritional plan for your dog it will help your dog to live long and will let him to stay healthy and active. If you will follow a concise and good diet dog food plan, it will help you giving your dog with nutritional and complete diet i.e. necessary for good health of your pet. When you will start following this plan for your dog intake, you will see that there is high amount of raw food added in this plan.

Raw food is a great mean of keeping your dog away from different diseases and illnesses. A good diet dog food plan will contain unprocessed food such as raw meats, bones, organ meats, fruits and vegetables etc. This kind of food is easily available pre-made from different dog food vendors but your priority must be looking for organic one if it is possible for you. One thing more that you can get this stuff from pet or grocery store but you can make it at home as well.

Diet dog food will give your dog true means of getting more energy, staying less restless, becoming more attentive and less itchy skin. Your dog will get necessary nutrients that are necessary for ensuring good health of your pet if you will give diet dog food to your pet. As compared to traditional dog food, diet food will let your dog easily digest this food and getting nutrients from this food that are very hard to gain from traditional food. Furthermore, diet dog food would be a great as it will never let your dog suffer from breath problem.

Lots of people are very much satisfied with the diet dog food that is all about providing countless health benefits to the dogs. People who have realized the benefits concerned with this option are not even thinking about any other diet. They are using this diet in order to keep their pets healthy and active throughout their lives and they really enjoy companionship of their pets. While going with this option, cost is a factor that must be considered before getting started. You can make better decisions when you will have estimation of your budget.