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Archive for December, 2018


Great Reasons to Get Your Pet Registered as an Emotional Support Animal

Written by admin. Posted in Esa letter, Ptsd animals, Therapy cat for depression

We’ve always knowns that dogs are our best friends. Everyone who has had one knows how good they are when you’re feeling a bit down. But what about what you’re feeling more than just a bit down? Nearly 20% of America’s adult population now suffers some kind of serious anxiety disorder or depression; and dogs (and cats) are stepping up to help us with that. Service animals for depression can do more than you might think, and there are some good reasons to have them. If your best friend helps you navigate your depression or anxiety but has not been officially certified, here are some good reasons you should apply for an ESA letter online.

What Is an ESA?

An ESA, or Emotional Support Animal, is an “official” helper pet. An ESA letter from an official source proves that your pet is really a needed part of your therapy, from overcoming social anxiety disorder to helping