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How to Conveniently Arrange a Playdate for Your Dog

Written by admin. Posted in Dog breeding site, Dog play date website, Dogs

Pampered pets

Have you ever heard of Koko, the gorilla? She was raised separately from other gorillas and taught sign language, among other simple tasks. Her caretakers realized one day that Koko was lonely, and so they began searching zoos and protected animal habitats to find her a friend. To put this into context, a group of scientists devoted quite a lot of time trying to find a gorilla a date. Probably not what they envisioned they would be doing with their degrees, but animals are social beings. They need members of their own species to keep them company.

We like our pets for the companionship they provide, but just as we go out to socialize with other people, so should our pets. Dogs especially are pack animals. Now, of the roughly 55 million dogs in the U.S., only about 4% are actually diagnosed with separation a