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Improve Their Health, Behavior And More Spay Or Neuter Your Dog

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Spay clinic

Do you know when to spay your dog? Spaying or neutering your pet is highly beneficial for their health, the owner’s peace of mind and even the safety of the people around them. Everything from behavior to physical health is improved by taking your pet to an affordable spay and neuter clinic. The procedure is thorough, short, affordable and permanent. If you live in Arizona and your pets are starting to mature, keep reading to learn more about why you should spay and neuter your pets:

Improve Your Pet’s Health

Did you know that neutering your male pet will prevent testicular cancer if done early on? Spaying your pet has also been found to prevent uterine infections and different types of breast cancer, which can be fatal.


Everything You Need to Know About Vaccinating Your Pet

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Urgent care

Does your best friend have four paws and a tail that wags when you come home? If you consider your pet to be your best friend, you are in good company. Surveys show that 66% of adults identify their dog or cat as their closest friend. Obviously, one of the greatest priorities of most fur-parents is to maintain happy and healthy pets. One important way to keep your animal healthy is by keeping up with their pet vaccines. Here are some common questions about pet vaccinations and their answers:
How Do Vaccinations Keep My Pet Healthy?
Vaccinations help protect your animal from serious illness by triggering their body’s development of immunities that fight off