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Archive for May, 2014


Building a Life Long Relationsihp with a Vet

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Cleveland dog boarding

You have achieved a lifelong dream and found a home for a lovely pet. In order to protect your pet, find a vet who offers a variety of services to different animals. If you want to find a vet, ask around and ensure the long life of the newest member of your family.

No matter where or who are you in America, you can have access to the pet you have always wanted. Pets are an integral part of the family home, offering many owners a happy, smiling face when they come home after a hard day at work. There are an estimated 69,926,000 domesticated dogs in the United States. There are an estimated 74,059,000 domesticated cats in the United States. According to the AVMA, there are an estimated 3,671,000 pet birds in the United States.

Finding a vet should be your top priority as a pet owner. Local veterinarians


The Ins and Outs of Pet Insurance

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Pet insurance comparison

You have done everything you can make your home for your new pet. Now is the time to look into the best pet health insurance to make sure your furry friend has many memorable moments. Make sure to embrace pet insurance health insurance reviews and find the right coverage that is right for your family.

Like human health insurers, pet insurers should be registered with local regulators. Some pet insurance policies will also pay out when the pet dies, or if it’s lost or stolen. Previously, most pet insurance plans did not pay for preventative care (vaccinations) or elective procedures (neutering). Recently, some companies in the United States are offering routine-care coverage, sometimes called comprehensive coverage. Dental care, prescription drugs and alternative treatments, such as physiotherapy, are


Three Ways to Promote Your Veterinary Clinic Better Online

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Veterinary vebsited

This week, many people were alarmed and disgusted to hear that a “vampire veterinarian” has been operating out of a Texas office. The veterinarian, Millard Tierce, has been accused of keeping pets alive in order to use their blood for the treatment of other animals, after he promised to euthanize them.

Last fall, the Harrises brought their dog to Tierce for a minor issue. When they came to collect their pet, Tierce claimed he had a congenital spinal defect that was incurable, and advised euthanization. The family agreed. Yet several months later, they received a call from a veterinary technician who told them that their dog was not only alive but being neglected and used for blood extraction. The dog is now in their care fairly well, with no spinal defect present. The doctor has been charged with anim